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Cracked: Surrealism

This painting follows the principles of surrealism, as it follows the realms of reality and fantasy/dream. Here, we can understand that the artist is going through a series of emotions, or some might say that the artist tried representing his social life: where he is trying to be as social and as approachable as possible to his peers, and his varied emotions are captured in this painting. As Andre Breton, father of the surrealism movement explained that art, sculpture or literature which makes an individual/viewer uncomfortable can be classified as a piece of a surrealism. It is important for the viewer to understand the message and the meaning of the painting, this makes the piece of art/literature unique for the viewer’s imagination, even though once viewed the painting can have many interpretations.

Some painters such as Frida Kahlo who were categorised by critiques as a Surrealist painter, the artist did not agree to it and later explained her works with a famous quote “I paint my own reality”, learning and understanding surrealism is complex and layered with stories; it is important to understand the painters background and the earlier works to understand the language of it. An important aspect to understand surrealist paintings is that, the artist majorly repeats its subject/objects in the painting, this helps the viewer to understand and identify the painters painting and even helps the viewer to read the paintings easily, if they are painted in a series (eg: Dali).

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