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Culver Steps, California

Located in the heart of Culver city, California, the grand architectural staircase is the project’s centerpiece that doubles as an amphitheatre for outdoor seatings inviting artists, writers, filmmakers, and restaurateurs to gather and share ideas.

The graphic highlights the daunting geometry that the insert expresses with use of angles on the steps and the arrangement of paving blocks. Along with expressing the form, the geometry also gives the sense of movement, ownness, exuberance and flamboyance . The trees have been staggered to break the monotony of the huge open expanse.

The graphic also depicts the relation between the built, unbuilt and pathways, describing the true nature of a public plaza and the intended role it needs to play.Connecting all spaces the pathways lead to an interwoven network. This makes the site a lively place to thrive and recreate.

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