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Emerald City of Oz

The Emerald City (sometimes called the City of Emeralds) is the capital city of the fictional Land of Oz. Everyone in the Emerald City is made to wear green-tinted spectacles. This is explained as an effort to protect their eyes from the "brightness and glory" of the city, but in effect makes everything appear green when it is, in fact, "no greener than any other city". The entire map is connected via a yellow brick path which becomes a characteristic of the city. Seattle is called the “Emerald City” and is characterized by its significant skyline as well as its greenery. The imagination of our emerald city lies in the essence of the skyline of Seattle.
The city is surrounded by the yellow brick road which leads it to the extremities of the land -the Northern Mountains and the Gillikin Country with Glenda’s (the good witch) castle, the Sapphire city comprising the Munchkin river, the great waterfall and Utensia (land of the vessels) and Bunbury land, Chinatown to the south of the city followed by the forest of wild beasts, the palace of tin woodman in the west along with the tableland of the Yips along with the sun-top mountains, etc.
The Emerald Castle of the city has a splendid interior, with spacious rooms filled with precious jewels and stones which appear green through the specially designed green-tinted spectacles. It has high walls surrounding it on all sides and a protective spell, in order to protect it from the Wicked witch of the west. The ever-shine and glory of the city is unmatchable and thus its name – Emerald city follows.

Karishma Hathiram
Diksha Lalwani
Parth Bhutalia

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