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Exordium Moodabidri

The program features spaces of experiences of a Discourse Area and Library Space in the existing extent of Jain Matt at Moodabidri. The form development process leads to a geometric order which undergoes the volumetric operations of addition and subtraction of a basic cuboid that at an intermediate is skewed to achieve the form under the criteria of sharp folds. The form has been explored w.r.t the existing language of the architecture in the vicinity in a combination of varying densities in terms of enclosed, semi-open and open spaces.
The design opens with a tunnel-like entry with a specimen setup of the matt leading to the main built that comprises the indoor discourse area with a central water element on the ground level. The staircase to the upper levels of reading space that is supplemented with an elevated balcony-trellis combination catering an outdoor reading experience. The last level is partly cantilever defined for an isolated space that is lit with an angular glass fenestration creating the enchantment and aura of the space along with the merging outsides.

Karishma Kaur Hooda

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