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Extensions of Moodabidri

The Studio focused on form exploration with a plethora of material available at home. For the exercise, Smooth folds and platonic+blob forms were initially explored. Clay, Paper, straws, ivory paper, file card, dough, wires were used. It was to study how many iterative forms we could develop.
This led to the final process of 3D analog where a model of paper was made for smooth folds. Various operations like cutting, twisting, coiling, rotating were done on a single sheet of a paper in a single go. This structure was then made to integrate with the Courtyard of Jain Math at Moodabidri. The imagination was first represented in a sheet of paper and then the software. The form evolved continuously.
The structure sits in the courtyard in such a way that it welcomes visitors from both the streets. It also marks a change

Ameya Thanawala

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