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The studio focused on form exploration, modes of representation for it and the tools used for the same. As we understood the limitations and advantages of different mediums and materials, the form evolved and grew with it. We studied volumetrics and surface modulations and focused on four natures : smooth folds, sharp folds, tectonism and differential repetition. In this exploration fluid shape of structure with differential repetition is particularly explored, the materials used are a mix of clay and sand with slight addition of cement and then a final layer is covered with a cloth to prevent any cracks and damage.
The final form achieved is a community library, it has a reading section with huge windows which allows beautiful north light to come in. There is a digital library in one corner. The bookshelves are placed in such a way that they create a visual separation for readers. Following the gentle curve of the structure, the staircase leads to the underground discussion space and small refreshment area which is in response to the naturally existing higher ground level of the site. The roof is accessible to the visitors Due to its gradually increasing slope which enhances the user experience.

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