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It's a bamboo craft, which is made up of different materials like bamboo, timber, grey tiles, glass. To represent such variety, I have used different colours but in such way that they will balance effect of each other and will create pleasant product.
• Structure shows Curviness due it's geometry of roof but roof is cover with tiles which shows sharpness. Here is the circular form made up of Sharp triangle which shows sharp curve.
• There are this interior two circles which shows two circles drawn on two adjacent mismatch land and these circles coming together and creates large contour shown by bigger circle.
• At the centre there is this triangular figure which is mixing with upper portion of circle which create sense of human merging with nature.
• Increasing shades of blue represent bamboo facade and the increasing shade creates a sense of depth.
• Orange coloured infinite shape represents roof.

• Outer circle due to style used in
First step so that both will look similar.
• Landscape is made of small triangle so that viewer can relate between stape 1 and 2
• There three type of details
1.roof profile. 2.cut plan so that one can imagine interior of the structure. is the section so that viewer can realize what is height
• here same colour scheme is used as it is the important part of style

Abhishek Suryavanshi

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