Parekh House

The aim of the exercise was to analyze the drawing of Stanley Saintowitz and coherent his styles of drawing in PAREKH HOUSE by Charles Correa and. Create a contemporary representation medium of drawing
The illustration of Stanley Saitowitz is in one point perspective of a residential Apartment which highlights some interior elements through the use of bold colors and hatches .
The Shapes and colors used underlines some basic elements of building like the triangles used in representing the slab . Use of gradient colors that are blue and black shows the different levels and the hatches emphasise the illustration.
Elements like kitchen, stairs, entrance are shown in a very creative and abstract way .

The house allotted was Parekh House which is elegantly designed with Void at center and has summer section and winter section. It has a cubical composition and arrangement of spaces as per the time of use with respect to the weather . By using the style of Stanley Saitowitz and adding the interior of Parekh House all elements were represented by maintaining the indigenous character of House .