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Parents House Pigments

The Illustration provides a scenic approach of The Parents House located in Ajmer, Rajasthan in the style of Sauerbrunch-Hutton. The Parents house by Matharoo Associates is a very unique structure highlighting its brutalist take in a city of colourful apartments.However, Hutton and their work as a whole puts a bold emphasis on Colour as a separating factor from the Local Context.
Hereby, it is this Absence of “context-based colour” that is being given a focus while retaining the core elements of the illustration style.

The Parents house as the name suggests holds great significance and thought regarding its main audience being the older senior citizens of the Architect himself and serves as a vacation house for their grandchildren to stay by at.This makes Humans of a visually diverse group a big consideration while designing and these elements are rightfully at the center of the scenic view.
The area of Ajmer holds a lot of religious prominence due to it hosting a lot of sacred places for both the Hindu and Muslim communities.Thereby the colours of Orange and Green pave way for expressing these same sentiments which altogether give it cultural relevance.

The peculiar interiors of the house and a connector staircase form a very expressive living room within it and this same zone is blending with the courtyard in a seamless format.The various patterns and grids observed all reflect a raw material view and expresses its tactile nature which is given emphasis throughout the actual house.The raw background is again a nod to Ajmer being the open canvas and the Parents house amalgamated all the characters seen along this place.

Aditya Shanbhag

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