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Peavey Plaza

Peavey Plaza is a public outdoor event space in downtown Minneapolis,
Minnesota, USA at the south end of Nicollet Mall between South 11th and 12th Streets. It’s a beautiful sunk in plaza and a significant example of a designed urban park plaza in the Modernist style, of well-organized, rectilinear, interconnected spaces composed of humble materials.The upper terrace and concrete steps provide full panoramic views of the space.The water that gathers at the centre of the plaza acts as a pond for people to play as well as gives a beautiful reflection of the plaza.The repetitive geometric shapes offered by the concrete steps, terraces, and fountain pools create a strong horizontal aspect to the site, despite the vertical grade change. Together, this horizontal geometry and the vertical lines offered by the Honey Locust trees and light poles give an experience of spatial volume while insulating the inner spaces from the surrounding bustle of city streets.A full range of solar conditions exists in the plaza, from full sun to heavy shaded areas.Relation and combination of the elements as a whole can be seen.

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