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Red Ribbon Park

The project aims at a minimum intervention approach to urban greenway against a background of natural terrain and vegetation for preserving as much of the natural river corridor as possible during the process of urbanization.The park was built to meet the recreational needs of the local community and to make the existing site safer and accessible for the people who used to visit it for fishing, cycling etc. he Red Ribbon guides the visitors through their discovery of the natural biodiversity and the added gardens with its vibrant red color and snaking shape, compounding a metaphor of the vital energy — the mythological “breath of the dragon” — which, according to Chinese tradition, maintains the space as alive and successful. To integrate boardwalk, lighting, and seating five pavilions in the shape of clouds are distributed along the ribbon.It has an educational facility allowing people to learn about the native plants and environment and to be aware of their native landscape.Unlike other usual urban interventions , it preserves the complex ecosystem of the area and allows it to flourish naturally with minimum intervention.Even though it follows the natural curve of the coastline and blends with the vegetation,it still stands out and is always visible to the users because of its vivid red colour .The red ribbon around the vegetation creates spaces which have an element of surprise, one never truly knows what the trees or the path is going to reveal ahead, just like in a traditional Chinese scroll.

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