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Senses and Spaces: Perception of the built environment

Understanding the elements which make up a space, and eventually create different sensorial experiences. This graphic was an experiment to analyze the different elements individually and how they come together to form different kinds of spaces.

Moving from a two dimensional understanding of a space to a three dimensional concept, includes the factor of volumes within the different space as well. It also involves an informed composition of the different elements, to create different experiences.

An analysis of different sensorial experiences within an everyday space. This particular graphic depicts a school, which is vertically connected at all the levels, and how the entire space comes together, while there is a separate breakup of a few senses being enhanced in certain spaces.

A journey to the entrance of a structure shows the different sensorial experiences that may go unnoticed. All the smaller factors come together and contribute to forming a larger experience.

This graphic shows the different activities which take place on an already existing school campus and how the open spaces can be used for multiple activities and events throughout the year, promoting community building and different experiences.

Mansi Bhagwatkar

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