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The Soothing Shell

The exercise was to create spaces for people to socialize and relax as well as to be close to nature. The site here is one in Moodbidri near the Kund area. The form for the built space is created using smooth folds. The physical model is made of paper and then spaces were defined inside and around it by adding elements like seatings, staircase, open to sky spaces. Fan-like foldings and twisting of two units is done and stuck together to form the roof. The lower part to support the roof is made as a semi open space with glass in between the strips. The kind of spaces created are open and semi open in nature. The entire structure is divided into 4 parts. Beginning with the entrance where there is a seating area where people can socialize. After entering into the structure we have the refreshments and pantry space. The staircase takes us up to a space where people can have a talk session or meetings. And lastly the open to sky space where people do yoga and meditation.

Simran Ajgaonkar

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