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Wall House

Wall house by Anupama kundoo. The Exercise was to explore materials, working of mass and void, methods of making models, studying the drawings etc.
By studying the drawings we made soap and form model showing the basic volumes of mass and void through it. In it we understood that how the collections of mass and void creates the spaces. After this we tried with the cement as a material with more detailed mass and void. Without off how to make a mould that will shape like the the wall house lot of thinking process 138 and finally made a mould with sun board and pour the cement in it, after a few days the monolith model came out to be very beautifully
After this we made a section model of the same structure using cardboard as a material, studying the sections of the house.
This CP exercise was a very fun and interesting exercise, which thought us more about model making, reading drawings, use of materials and so on.

Rahul Rathod
Rohan Aukirkar

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