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Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a cult classic movie centred around revenge. Laced with blood shed and gore, depicted with a vast array of characters that build the story line, this Quentin Tarantino classic is full of backstories of characters as the characters don't just support the story but rather make up the story.

Poster one is a poster centred towards the general public, which watches movies for fun. This poster displays the star studded ensemble of characters and actors and the setting of the movie and their iconic costumes. Elements of asian culture reveal the setting of the movie giving an idea of the action thriller movie.

The second poster is a more art based poster for finer audiences who watch movies for the art. The poster speaks about the gore, blood and revenge of the main character that is the bride. The main character of the movie is forever accompanied by her trustworthy sword features in the poster with the most iconic scene of the movie, the head sliding scene. Revealing the most important scene but not directly, providing the build up and excitement to the viewer.

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