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Lirio Columna Johnson

The SC Johnson Wax Administration Building and Research Tower designed by Ar. Frank Lloyd Wright is an exposition of elegant and aerodynamic Art Moderne Style which is an incorporation of a horizontal managerial premise adjunct by a vertical investigation overshadow. Synchronized in an industrial sector, Frank Lloyd Wright has created a nucleus inside by creating a sealed domain lit from above, to achieve this the façade has been manifested with Pyrex glass tubing which operates to permit light creating a visual drama with a tapestry of light and dark but terminates the visual connect allying the inside and the outside.
In response the intramural configuration is an ingenuity of the organic attributes of a lily. The dendriform lily pad columns ascend to 3 storeys in the administrative edifice. The visual illustrates the animate abstraction with the spatial analysis fabricating division of volumes along a grid configuration so created by the columns. It exhibits linearity within the expanse in addition to the visual dividers complimenting the vast open plan of the structure. In addition, the visual also highlights the aspects of transparency, foreground-background, grid-based planning and access points which integrates the marvel holistically.

Anushka satpalkar
Kaankshi shah
Mahir mody

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