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Mount Mary Church

The aim of our cp PEOPLE’S MUMBAI was to map the celebrations of mumbai with respect to various factors . So the above graphic represents the seasonal changes that occur at mount mary church and the area surrounding it. The graphic is divided into three parts according to the three primary seasons in India -summers, monsoons and winters.In the summer season there are 3 to 4 stalls outside the church with a nice open area and people visit every week for the mass and prayers.Whereas in monsoons, the open space around the church is covered with plastic tarpaulins so the people can use also there are no stalls outside the road. During the winter season, the main festival of the year ‘Mount Mary Fair’ takes place and the space becomes so crowded with people from different places and filled with a variety of stalls, games,etc. with no entry for the vehicles. This is how the space changes as per the season by various elements like vehicles, humans and the spaces.

Aishwarya Raikar
Vaishnavi Siddhapara
Jigisha Soni

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