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Public Water Transport in Mumbai

Cities today are bustling developments evolving as centres for social engagement, capital generation and cultural amalgamation. They consist of a dense urban fabric that reflects the very core idea of the city and its ever-changing landscape. An integral part of any city is its transport and mobility infrastructure. They are the fundamental components directly responsible for the development and expansion of cities and urban societies. Societies have become increasingly dependent on their transit systems to support a wide array of activities ranging from everyday commuting and tourism to supporting sustainable economic development and participating in the global economy.
The focus of the study is on Mumbai and its saturated transport infrastructure and attempts to present an architectural solution in water transport. Public water transport can be the ideal solution keeping in view the city’s water dominated context. It may be paradoxical to consider water transport as an alternative at this stage as it has not been developed to any meaningful level anywhere in the country as on date.
Keeping in mind the multiple failed attempts at water transport this thesis attempts to ideate an architectural intervention of a ferry terminal which can be repeated to create a functional water transport network in Mumbai.

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