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Worli koliwada

Worli Koliwada ( Also known as Worli Fishing Village ) is in the Mid Heart of city Mumbai is a old and famous location called 'Worli', Today seen as a famous commercial hub of some age old companies and few corporates and some skylines costing hefty amount per square feet was once known as 'Worli Village', a location connected and reached from multiple stations on western route of South Mumbai . One thing that hasn't changed since so many decades is the little fishing village of early inhabitants of City 'Kolis' at the coastal corner of all these sky touching buildings. Those authentic tribal koli fishermen do the fishing business for earnings and survival today also. The yearly fish festival inside the village is the most awaited and hope brings in more fun and fresh fishes and other seafood.

These Koli families still do the age-old fishing business by getting into the sea early morning and sometimes late night via the connected Mahim Creek and the beach.

Just when entering this village, one can get the smell of fishes kept drying in the open hot air near the little sandy beach mainly used by villagers and not a frequent spot by tourists in the early hours to see the scenic coastal village facing the high rise on the other end of the sea link and move towards the beach/creek where the small fishing boats are parked in bunches. Getting deeper inside this Worli village one can see small yet colourful shanties and chawls, old duplexes with those iron stairs to climb from outside, a view of those openly kept clothes drying under bright light of sun, also get a glimpse of those sweet looking colourf pots major for Tulsi plant and flowers. Everyone has their own choice of colour to paint their home from outside, So one house will look painted blue while other red and blue, including the ladders. The zig-zag lanes called 'Gullies' locally in Mumbai may make you a bit confused about the exact entrance you came from. Apart from those temples and small idols of lord Jesus and virgin mary inside the village, Villagers truly believe in worshipping and praying major artificial things that bring bread butter to their families.
early event of celebrating fish festival in Worli village To be brief this festive event at worli village is nothing less than a holi, maghi ganpati, Christmas new year or Diwali. Villagers eagerly wait for November month to celebrate and enjoy the age old rituals, koli dance and joy of being together and welcoming the public wholeheartedly to join the festival. The event goes for a couple of days and is also famous as a Fish Festival in Mumbai. But for the Koli community it's not just fish, It's a fun, ritual and thanksgiving day too

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