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Museums of France

France is a country of history, heritage, culture, and traditions. Every building, palace, monuments and even streets of the nation reflect the true essence of French culture, but it is exhibited in the beautiful museums in France, in the best way possible. All the museums in France are an incredible work of art that attract thousands and thousands of people from around the world.
The clearest tendency that may be observed in the evolution of France’s national museum over time is geographic and related to the country’s extremely centralised form of government. The second very clear tendency is the definite hegemony of the art museum that has received its own administrative structure with the RMN, a phenomena which should be considered as significant when observed in relation to the, relatively speaking, small contingent of history museums. Scientific, historical and technological museums tend to be directly related to one of the other government ministries and form less well-coordinated networks. The museums created in the French colonies were all due to the initiative of scientific and historic societies more or less directly related to the colonial governments in place. Whilst one may consider some of them to fall more clearly in the category of private or associative initiatives, some were directly promoted and influenced by state officials and clearly part of colonial policy.
Summarizing, the transition in architecture and subjects of museums happened with events and different museum policies in history. Initially the museums built were the residences of presidents or the royal properties which became nationalized. But as the time proceeded, the subject of museums also changed and the royal traditional building went on becoming modern in constructions which can be seen through the examples selected. Today, France has wide variety of museums like art, civilizations, world heritage and culture, music, literature, history, etc. which contributes it in making the world's most popular tourist destination with more than 80 million foreign tourists every year.

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