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Privacy and Spaces

Levels of Privacy: on the borders of Public, Semi Public and Private Residential Life
The research exercise was an understanding and implication of the “Master’s Thesis of Pinelopi Vassilaki and Elif Ekim”.
The research exercise intended to create an understanding of the relation between private and public spheres that define the social qualities of everyday life in the neighbourhood level. The importance of semi-private that can provide balance and well-being in the individual’s social and personal life.
A residence tower in Mumbai was picked for understanding the above aspects and its levels of privacy where studied and analysed. Certain tools (relating to physical parameters, communication and spatial organization) for defining the movement between public - private that has naturally generated through gradual privacy levels were developed. Mapping of activities of the people was important criteria to understand and demonstrate the levels of privacy.
The research project actually helped to understand how different levels of privacy exist from a micro to a macro level scale. These privacy levels if understood correctly can have to create efficient living conditions in the society. Privacy of users if worked out correctly can help to provide surety, security, happy living spaces and betterment the designs.
All in all the research helped a lot for me to develop my designs throughout the semester.

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