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Testing high rise structure

This exercise was aimed at learning the effects of lateral loads on a high rise structure and the techniques to make the structure stable in the process.

The structure is a 300M high structure and we were given the liberty to select a shape of the base. The model is made using watchmaker sticks and joined using sponge cubes.
There were numerous observations made during the testing as well as, while making the model.

This was a hand-on experience to learn about the structural stability and a great experience to learn the ways to counter the effect of lateral loads like seismic waves and wind loads on a building.

The observations to this exercise are:
1- Cross bracings help to counter the wind loads better than the seismic loads.
2- The combination of cross bracings and mass tuned damper is the best way to make the structure withstand the lateral loads with small displacement.
3- While designing a high rise structure, the facade and aesthetics have to be kept in mind while thinking about its structure.

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