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Experiencing Architecture

Semester 3 | Architectural Theory

Ar. Neha Panchal
Ar. Yagnik Bathija

Studio Conductors

Analysis of Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen

The lesson focuses on introduction to reading theoretical texts and encouraging students to begin the process of reading through a simply worded publication. Through Experiencing Architecture, Rasmussen eases the readers into realising how architectural spaces are perceived best as experiences. Experiences that are sensorial and elemental, both. He introduces lenses (purpose and era of the building, types of enclosures, movements through space, play of light, material, colour & textural effects, etc.) that enables one to experience architecture and breaks these up as chapters in his book. Groups of students are allotted one chapter each and must understand, analyse and find examples in the everyday.

The reading and its following exercise tie the learnings to architectural experiences of today, making it relevant. The outcome of the exercise equips students with a set of experiential tools that can be used by them for architectural productions of the future.

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