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Mapping the architecture context of land - water edges in mumbai

Vertical Studio | College Project

Ar. Nachiket Kalle
Ar. Amit Jain

Studio Conductors

This project began in 2018, and data for Stage.1 was collected, analysed & presented by students during both terms of that year. That stage was titled ‘Beyond the Edge’, and was focused on the land/water edges of Mahim Creek and lower reaches of Mithi River, including Vakola Canal. The next stage is planned for both odd & even semesters of this year, and is focused on land/water edges within the older parts of Mumbai city. Subsequently, this will be followed by further stages over the next two years.
Focus of study during this semester: Mapping of tanks and wells in Metropolitan Mumbai – this will involve exploring, surveying & analysing the architectural contexts of these water bodies, from a historical perspective. Most of them will be included in this stage of the project, whether they are (a) operational & disused, and (b) large or small tanks

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