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Amaer fort complex

The site given to us was the amer fort complex, Jaigarh fort and the kesar kyari garden.
The site is situated on a hill, so a basic elevation map was prepared to understand the terrain, slopes, pathways and structure co relation. The vegetation diversity is scarce and our study focussed more on plantations and gardens. The Kesar Kyari garden is a stepped manmade garden on the Maota lake. As the name suggests, it was a saffron garden where women had direct access through the fort without any unwanted contacts.
The amer fort had a built unbuilt relation and the layers of spaces between them. The orientation and the massing of the open spaces in accordance with the fort was studied.

The jaigarh fort was a armory for the amer fort. The pathways connecting the two forts along with the contours were created with the help of existing evidences.

The entire site was then represented using different colors and textures for better understanding. The three built forms and their connection with each other over the landscape was the highlight for this site.

Saumya Baheti
Mohit Harisangam
Pragati Chordiya

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