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Falling Waters

Site - Mill Run, Pennsylvania, located in the middle of a dense forest.

Landscape character – rock forest region.

Climate - Pennsylvania experiences a humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and cold winters in the majority of the

The river passing through the site also adds to the landscape character of the region. The large site adds to the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the house, which lies in harmony with its existing environment.

Site Development
The site comprises a river (bear run) and several trees. The planning of the built form is based on the existing landscape and physical features.
The site is planned such that the house blends into the plot, without actually disturbing the already existing landscape. The architect has not only taken into consideration the landscape, but has also taken full advantage of the borrowed landscape. The trees and bushes form the landscape and are omnipresent. They provide a sense of calm and serenity to the structure. On the other hand, the river and the lush green trees form a part of the borrowed landscape. Additionally the river passes through the plot which expresses the connection between the built and the natural.
Experiential Quality
1) Gives a sense of exploration and evokes curiosity right from the start. The little glimpses of the house can be seen through the lush green foliage
2) The closer one gets to the structure. The massing of shapes become distinct and the form becomes clearer.
3) The sound of the gushing water becomes louder as if the senses of the structure has awakened

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