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Fischer House


Fisher house, also known as Norman Fisher House is a house designed by Louis Kahn. Situated in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, it's a house in the suburbs.

Understanding of the context and setting of the house within the landscape is depicted through graphics and diagrams.

Fisher House is situated in a typical american suburban context. The setting of the neighbourhood is that of a conservative american dream, blue skies, green front lawns, porch houses with garages and front driveways. But, the fisher house breaks apart from the setting of the landscape with a woody setback from the driveway, making it more enclosed in the woods, a personal bubble of its own. Completely different from the rest of the houses.

The approach of the space is in a suburban context of the metropolitan city of Philadelphia, making the space only accessible to cars and not much public transportation. The city to suburbs, the grid breaks apart as one moves towards the domestic context.

The architect follows geometry in planning of built and also the unbuilt spaces. Louis Kahn makes the house from two squares, but the informal spaces around the house too are planned following a geometry, axis and orientation while playing around with the density of the vegetation.

Through the landscape textures a vast experiential quality is brought about in the space.

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