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Form Follows Profit

Architecture of the modern world is highly influenced and governed by Profit. It is in response to the luxuries of constantly growing urban cities and the product of rapid advancement in technology. The exponential growth of supertall luxurious residential towers in cities proves the fact that profit is given highest priority over the other design aspects.
This is further explained through a structure 432 Park Avenue in New York, USA which is the tallest residential tower in Manhattan with 86 residential floors. This luxurious tower stands proudly in the billionaires' row and is one of the most expensive residences. In such skyscrapers the per sq.feet rate increases as the floor height increases. Hence, in order to build higher than the standards of F.A.R., the builders had purchased unused airspace rights of the neighbourhood buildings. The existence of building laws which legally allow this, suggests how finance governs the built form. Taking advantage of these laws, 432 Park Avenue is built as high as possible where its slenderness ratio almost reaches 1:15.
To attain stability in such a slender structure, the architect has designed a concrete core at the centre which is surrounded by a simple square plan continued from bottom to top. The square plan is chosen because it is the most efficient shape in which orthogonal plans are easily fitted providing maximum carpet area and ample circulation space on each floor and minimum space wastage. The resultant architectural form lacks creative approach or possibility of other design operations because the slenderness does not allow it. But still it is constructed, a form which is an oversimplified monolithic structure whose ultimate goal is to gain maximum profit.

Puneet Maru
Sakshee Gothankar
Prajakta Pai
Simran Ajgaonkar
Sairaj Halpatrao
Rohit Chopade

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