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Form Follows Social Conditions

The social conditions play an important role in determining the fabric of any city or place.
For this condition, “Quinta Monroy Housing” by Alejandro Aravena was selected which best represented how form would follow the social conditions.
The then situation of Iqueque in Chile was very extreme. The slums clustered on one side and the urban dwellings on the other. Slums are informal settlements and grow because the people arent provided with enough opportunities and subsidies. This was recognized by the government and the architects. So, the idea of “Investment over Expense” was adopted.
When the site is closer to the amenities, people get subsidies, they now have the opportunity to work and grow their homes. This is seen in the form, where incremental expansion is seen. The alternate solid and cavities with a central courtyard reduce congestion. People can easily construct the new homes as the other two sides are already constructed. Staircases are placed on the exterior to maximize the space inside. Hence, the people are given the opportunity to work, move in the social strata and then expand their own homes.

Mansi Bhatia
Neha Jayasanker
Atharva Girme
Prajakta Gosavi
Prachi Khobragade
Karishma Kaur Hooda Ameya Thanawala

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