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Halfway Retreat

Entrance of the structure is very strategically made to block the street view as well to unreveal the inner spaces of the structure. The intense foliage of trees is allowed to run by the side of the path till the parking area of the structure.

Parking area is one of the smart work which one can see in the structure. There are obstacles made of stones purposely to maintain the direction and pathway of the car.

Opposite to the structure there is this meadow land created to enjoy parties and family-friends time together. This open is quite multifunctional. This space won't be accessed until the person is out from the main structural building.

The entry to the structure is from the parking area where there is a pathway to enter a main structure hall and excess the remaining areas like kitchen and the open spaces outside the structure. The pathways play a very important role in unrevealing spaces until being there at the moment.

These spaces are designed according to the land form present there and have been tried to modify them. These spaces are very subjective one may experience many experiences there like pleasant calm etc. one may excess them after excessing the meadow area.

Urvi Khadakban
Pranit Zarkar
Vinay Pingale
Parth Bhutalia

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