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House on Stream

Larger Regional Setting

Site - Alibaug, located near the coast and is 7m above sea level.
Landscape character - Flat coastal plain region.
Climate - Tropical type of climate with 26.4 degree Celsius as the average annual temperature with high humidity and 2345mm rainfall per year.
The landscape in the site acts as a buffer between the interior and the exterior of the house, changing the overall microclimate of the house and adding a soothing atmosphere to it. The river passing through the site also adds to the landscape character of the region. The large site adds to the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the house, which lies in harmony with its existing environment.

Site Development
The site comprises a stream and several trees. The planning of the built form is based on the existing landscape and physical features. The main built form comprises two structures, the bedroom block, and the guest room, living room, dining room, and other common spaces block. This has been done mainly with the intention of privacy. Only 13.5 % of the site actually comprises the built form. The internal zoning is also affected by the borrowed landscape. The living room faces the mountains on the east, for a better view. The kitchen, store room and the dining room face the view, for the view of the sunset. The bedroom is placed on the stream, away from the other common areas, for privacy. The access and the pathways are then planned based on the entry and the built form, and access to each room. The site is planned such that the house blends into the plot, without actually disturbing the already existing landscape. The architect has not only taken into consideration the landscape, but has also taken full advantage of the borrowed landscape. The trees and bushes form the landscape and are omnipresent. They provide a sense of calm and serenity to the structure. On the other hand, the river and the mountains form a part of the borrowed landscape. The river passes through the plot, and the bedroom block, away from the rest of the house, sits on it to provide maximum privacy. The mountains, on the east, give a solid view to the living room. This is how the site planning has incorporated various forms of landscape in addition to the built form.

Approach Choreography
The approach is choreographed in such a way that the path holds a series of turnings that opens the envelope of the house slowly due to the landscape around. At point 1 and point 2, the house is hidden because of the landscape and the foliage around hence keeping up with the curiosity. As the user slowly walks towards point 3, part of the house gets revealed followed by a stream at point 4 before entering the house domain thus building up a sense of anticipation.

Krish Mewawala
Anushka Satpalkar
Karishma Hathiram
Diksha Lalwani

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