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Mt Mary Church, Bandra


The Mount Mary Church has medium penetrability depending upon the points where you can perceive it. The building entrance and the space occupied till the aisle is highly penetrable. There is low penetrability in areas of restriction.
Talking from larger context, the building isn't penetrability from the famous Mount Mary steps, however if one takes the road, the building becomes penetrable only when you climb the road which stands apart from other roads due to the hilly nature of Bandra


Mount Mary church falls in the category of a highly occupiable space from the given lenses. It offers occupiablity in terms of safety perception due to high visibility in its interior and exterior space.The scale of the building plays a important role in giving the visual connect as well helps maintaining thermal comfort. The major element that makes the church occupiable is the arched doorways that open out, thus the time of staying in a particular place reduces which makes it more comfortable to occupy as there is movement and circulation. Different types of openings and the mezzanine floor adds more space and light quality into the structure.


Mount Mary Church is a highly sociable place as it promotes human interaction due to various factors as explained above. People feel welcomed and over a time it creates communities between people who visit this place daily and those who visit over a period of time. The outdoor environment of having shops selling church goods like candles also play an important role in increasing the sociability factor of this place.


The Mount Mary church has very high legibility in the above analyzed points. The form and the space is easy to understand, and a layman can understand the inner planning of the space. However there are some rooms in the church which are completely restricted to the priests and the staff of the church, and those places add to the surprise of the visitor. The remaining 90 percent of the space is simple to read.


The external context of mount mary, and the site specifically it being located on a hill, having forming a attraction due to the culture and the shops bought in over time, makes this place momentarily possessable.The architecture is made to be “possessable”due to its high “occupiability”
1. Protocols for social order. It has a designated function of being used for religious purposes and forces etiquettes and deceny upon it

2. Restricted movement allowed during social gathering

3. Limited time to stay due to protocols

4. The “institution” possesses it. The people who work there and a community of people having faith in this institution built over time possess the place truly.

The architecture is somewhat “possesable” however the social order/conduct makes it non posessable to the people outside. In general the “institution of Mt mary” possess the building and the community it has set up. Since I'm not a part of this very knitted community, Mt mary will always be looked as a temporal place of belonging, making it non possesable

Urvi Khadakban

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