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Space & Time Girl with Mandolin

Space & Time
Girl with Mandolin (1910)
Architecture defines the spatial extent of a space in time while the versa is another possibility, Space and Time are abstract concepts needed to perceive the materiality of an object. Time is perceived spatially in Architecture while space through combined sense of touch and sight under time.
In regards to Kant’s Theory, the certainty of the objectivity of a subject in a context requires Space but to comprehend a space, a theory of geometry is a prerequisite step. The absence and existence of space is debatable.
In the theory of Einstein, time is a relative thing that varies depending upon the position of the viewer, becoming a concept combined with space. Space-time are inclusive of each other. "Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality" as stated by Minkowsky. According to him space-time is a fourth dimension which accompanies many sidedness, simultaneity and interpenetration in Art and produced by new technology and materials in Architecture.
Paintings before the Renaissance were two-dimensional, paintings after the Renaissance, which was based on perspective three-dimensional, and modern painting such as Cubism four-dimensional, adding "time" to the previous three-dimensional forms. Picasso left the idea to a fixed point of view and proportion, concepts practiced since the Renaissance replacing these with multiple perspectives and distortion. Picasso is trying to depict here is the fourth dimension, the space/time continuum, Space by portraying her projecting out of the 2D plane and time by movement of strumming. (Girl with Mandolin 1910)
Objective Time progresses linearly while this could be altered by human cognitive and space modulation. As Marc Whittman mentions in his paper of feeling time in space, ”A space with escapes that allows the

feeling of vastness creates a future perspective that distracts us from ourselves and allows time to run faster. This is the direct experience of time in space”. In addition with this statement, a space like that kind might distract us from our present experience, may create false perspectives & make us escape time in presence (Retrospective timing).

Prerna Suryavanshi

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