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Time and space-Changing significance of time

In the moments when we become aware that time is fleeting ,is when the importance of time and our consciousness towards it become most profound. Minutes before a deadline waiting for the elevator or climbing down the stairs to reach the platform just when your train is about to leave, are the moments in which you can actually sense every second spent waiting for the lift and experience every step of the staircase.
In the movie, ‘Before Sunrise’, the two lovers know that they only have these 24 hours together and they spend every minute consciously, creating memories in different spots in the city of Vienna and for them these locations will always be associated with the moments that they created and the time that they spent there .In the end the same locations are shown in the movie without the characters present in the scene but now these places feel completely lifeless. Thus, experience of time in a space depends on how alive we feel at that moment and our state of consciousness always varies with different situations.Our experience of space is conditioned through time and memory.When they meet again after several years ,they feel that those 24 hours that they spent together lasted much longer than all these years when they were apart because they were fully alive and aware in those hours and could feel the space around them and sense the importance of every passing second to the maximum intensity.Thus,emotional regulation is related to slower passage of subjective time.

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