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Xeric Typology

Xeric means (of an environment or habitat) containing little moisture; i.e very dry. It has extremely hot temperatures, evaporation exceeds rainfall and high diurnal variation. Flora & fauna species have adapted to low water availability & are drought resistant. There aren’t very big trees to provide canopy, most vegetation consists of shrubs & grasses. Since there is a lack of large trees, the amount of sky cover available is always high, with clear skies throughout the year. These features also provide a lack of vertical enclosures, with the only exception being the gigantic boulders. It is one of the largest terrestrial biomes on earth consisting of sand and dirt.The characteristic features of this typology include large homogenous stretches of bare/flat land with arid climatic conditions.
The examples provided for the same are the Arizona desert, at large, and a design project located in Phoenix, Arizona. Both of which depict the natural form of the typology as well as its appearance after being designed to suit one's needs.

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