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Art Deco

Regal cinema is considered to mark the starting of Art Deco in Bombay and Liberty is just said to be its conclusion. During this time from about 1933 to 1949 various other art deco buildings were built which included residences, commercial as well as other cinemas also.
By studying the three cinemas we have seen the social and cultural impact of the architecture of the cinemas on people and also understood its political implications. The study also revealed the change in the whole governance (independence of India) and how all these factors also played a key role in the change and advancement in the architecture and also in the audience . In the years art deco changed into Bombay deco and turned indigenous in many ways. Thus by studying the architecture of just cinemas we could reveal all the aspects of Bombay in its 1930s and 1940s.
As seen art deco changes and evolves with the passage of time and is always influenced by the region and the people, art deco although supposed to have declined is used in some form or the other , it still influences the interiors of a space. Art deco has always meant the beautification of a space by its intricacies and details, this form of detail in still seen in various high end hotels, even our homes and cinemas also- eg. The PVR cinemas are designed with beautiful and elaborate chandeliers, wall designs intricate details. Thus art deco in its various forms still exists in many places.

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