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Goldcrest High, Latur

The main aim of the project was to study the architectural impact of a selected structure on its immediate surrounding context. The project chosen in this study was Goldcrest High, Latur, a primary and secondary ICSE school located in MIDC, Latur. The structure has various warehouses in its proximity but the residential area is located far from it. It is build in a vast open plot and stands out from its surrounding context.
The structure consists of a primary unit incorporating the main administrative department and common spaces while the classes are located on secondary axes connected to the main block by corridors.
This is done as to allow proper light and ventilation throughout and also connects the structure to its vast open spaces. Between the classroom blocks green lawns provide spaces to play and each room can function without use of artificial light on a sunny day.
The major architecture elements are grid pattern windows, vertical fins, glass curtain walls, false circular columns and horizontal corridors. The study of the facades lead to various horizontal and vertical movement patterns creating a sense of dynamism and symmetric balance.
The informal window patterns on the interior created a more playful nature on contrast to the formal nature on the exterior which blends with the context. The windows also create vivid shadow patterns.
A sense of Connectivity and openness is created throughout the building with vivid views of the surrounding and good sunlight. Various shadow patterns were identified in the building distinct on each façade due to the various architectural elements used.
Overall the building is a step forward from the architecture used in Latur. It has a well planned circulation pattern and connect to the context but also would stand out from the further development in its vicinity.

Siddharth Agrawal

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