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High Street mall, Thane

Impact assessment of the High street mall situated in thane has been carried out through this project.The site is located at Kapurbawdi junction connecting roads from thane,bhiwandi and ghodbunder.
High street mall was one of the commercial projects built in 2008 having a high amount of footfall.
But the mall has been abandoned now due due to various factors discussed in the project. Also one of the major factors why malls got closed was due to the competition by other malls like Viviana and Korum which were built in the core of thane city attracting the major crowd.
The high rise constructions in thane has led the mall to submerge within the context of tall towers.

The impact assessment of the mall has been carried out in 4 distinct categories-Massing, Visual ,Facade impact,Social Impact.
Massing impact focused on how the mass is responding to the context.The Mass of the mall was situated very close to bridge and therefore it made the space below cramped.While the Visual impact look at how the visual connection of the mall is been maintained within the surrounding context .Study of the facade included understanding of various design elements been thought while designing it,like rhythm in arrangement of vertical fins,Emphasis to the Name,contrast in terms of materials and many other shown in the video.
The Social impact focused on how well the structure is connected socially to the users in terms of outdoor sit outs,shade,lighting etc.

Overall it was a project that led us to understand how each and every structure impacts its immediate context in different ways.Hence proving that site context plays an important role while designing any structure.

Vinay Ekkaldevi

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