About Jugaad

Week 1.2

29th June 2020 - 3rd July 2020


Second Year B.Arch UA

‘Jugaad’, an inborn ability to take advantage of a given situation, to making adaptive tools and assembling usable products from natural objects. This part of the project looked at Jugaad’s integration with technology to help us design innovatively, overcoming the limitations posed by the Pandemic lockdown.

Here, the students had to assess various practises of their current everyday routine and identity shortcomings which could be resolved using an effective idea that could be subsequently realised as an operational tool, device or furniture, capable of better facilitating the identified part of routine. This had to be achieved using simple, yet effective ‘Jugaad Technology’ by putting together recyclable materials easily found at one’s disposal to realise ones vision.


Ar. Rohit Shinkre

Ar. Shruti Barve

Ar. Amey Ghosalkar

Ar. Tushar Shetty

Er. Amodh Luman

Academy of Architecture

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