From Tagore to Learning

Week 2

6th June 2020 - 10th June 2020


Third Year B.Arch UA


Ar. Rohit Shinkre

Ar. Shruti Barve

Ar. Amey Ghosalkar

Ar. Tushar Shetty

Er. Amodh Luman

Shri Rabindranath Tagore, an inspiration and Guru for all, has put forth his ideologies which are timeless. Many of these are still not fully explored or understood by everyone. Starting with grass root observations to its impact on human life and its surroundings, Gurudev has always shown us a new direction in life.

Being students of Architecture, we have certain insights about our college premises. Based on the article ‘My School’ by Tagore, students expressed their thoughts about nature and nurture. The article allowed them to critically ponder upon Gurudev’s philosophy on education and its implications on our college building. Students derived design interventions for the learning and shared spaces in the campus of AOA, following his principles.

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