Mini Liminality - transitions in my building

Week 2

6th July 2020 - 10th July 2020


Fourth Year B.Arch UA

Ar. Nachiket Kalle

Ar. Sulakshana Bhanushali

Ar. Harshada Shintre

Ar. Saurabh Mhatre

Ar. Nitesh Avhad

Numerous activities are performed throughout the day, which involve the confluence of lines of movement, events, and configuration of built-unbuilt space. Bernard Tschumi’s ‘Manhattan Transcripts’ details out a method of understanding the spatiality of such activities. This project graphically portrays the sequence of a particular confluence of ‘space, movement & event’ and captures the instances of an activity’s spatial & operational aspects combine.


The exercise pin-points similarities and differences between the pattern of activities performed in two different structures, Rachana Sansad, and the student’s residential building. The students read a chapter from the book ‘Skyscrapers’, watched the movie 'Playtime', and applied them in a comparative analysis of both buildings. Also, the method mentioned in Manhattan Transcripts’ are implemented in a sequential, formal & structured manner.

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