Crafts as Design Process

Week 2

6th July 2020 - 10th July 2020


Second Year B.Arch UA

Ar. Y. D. Pitkar

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao

Ar. Karan Danda

Ar. Juhi Prasad

Ar. Prerna Thacker

The making of craft includes practise, development, creativity, and problem solving. Throughout centuries, Crafts are an identity of culture and tradition in Indian communities. The theory of ‘Material-Driven Design’ by Bezooyen (2014) contemplates on an informed relationship between materials, which are introduced at initial, exploratory stages of the design process, form and function. Craft and Architecture share similarities like, materiality, construction, utility, human interaction and identity.

The project looks at understanding of an Indian craft, which includes play with materials like metal, wood, textile, or clay, and know its process, tools and techniques, aesthetics and outcomes. Inspired by the principles of a chosen craft, each project came up with an inventive furniture product, through study models and the experience of hand-on techniques.

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