Decoding the built

Week 3

13th July 2020 - 17th July 2020


Third Year B.Arch UA

Ar. Y. D. Pitkar

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao

Ar. Karan Danda

Ar. Juhi Prasad

Ar. Prerna Thacker

While Architecture is a product with a longer shelf life than most bespoke items, it calls for greater efforts to make it a universal medium available for all users alike to access and experience it freely to its maximum potential. India has the benefit of being situated in a tropical climate, utilizing passive design techniques and materiality, to make its structures energy efficient. Over the years, numerous impressive examples of institutional architecture are noticed which are successful, considering of post-occupation user experience.

The exercise revolved around post-occupation analysis of such Institutional Architecture examples in India, which have implemented stellar passive design techniques. The students brought out design USP of the selected projects as graphics and illustrations to explain the narrative of the project through a visual medium.

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