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Today will be an exercise in self-perception but with a creative twist. Each student will imagine possessing a unique superhuman strength/power and construct a fictional character of oneself based around this special possession. They will begin by constructing a brief narrative of the superhuman strength/power they possess, how they came about possessing it, how they decided to utilize it, and how that shaped them as the fictional character they are beginning to imagine themselves as, to further proceeding to detail out the physical traits of the fictional/superhuman character, their costume, accessories and so on.  

Each student explored the method of surface development to make a cubed figure of the fictional character they have imagined and constructed around themselves.

The exercise is in continuity from Day 4, students have to work on constructing an environment/backdrop/setting to bring their fictional characters to life and narrate a story. Explorations should be imaginative, creative, and ambitious. They will begin by constructing a model around their fictional character to give it a static setting and then continue in groups of three to narrate a collective story of their characters by exploring the medium of comic narrations we see in comic books.

Students Work

Eraser Girl

Eraser girl is a shy and introverted person living a double life. Her powers come from her eyes. If she stares into someone's eyes for more than 15 seconds, she can erase their memories. To avoid activating this quirk in her day-to-day life she wears a tape around her eye- as the power works only when both the eyes are involved. She has a special pair of glasses that enhance her powers during a fight. She wears a hoodie and headphones as a reflection of her personality. She meditates to improve her control of the power and is fully trained in combat.

Time Traveller

Time Traveller has wavy hair and has a time machine embedded in her suit through which she can travel along the past and over the future. The time machine has the handle when turned can take her to any time whenever wanted. She can change only the evil things from the past. The superhero has her own laboratory in which she works and there is aso a hidden space where she keeps her suit. The superhero uses this super power whenever she is bored or wants to help someone in need.


Cyberpunk was  given all the superpower that a technology whizz could possibly have. He can control electronics, and thus can enter any communication network. Due to this he uses his powers to live a lazy life. 

The superhero was designed by taking inspiration from the characters in Black Panther, Matrix, Interstellar and many more. Once each aspect of the model was designed, the focus shifted on the environment for the character. Due to his superpowers the environment is the actual global network of DATA through which all the technological processes take place.

Miss Specky