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Students work in pairs as they begin to understand each other by verbally describing themselves, their  personal traits, likes dislikes, hobbies, indulgences, and various other such narrations which help describe their personality. 

Now gaining a fair understanding of the other person through this medium of expression described  above, each student has to imagine and draw out a room for the other person based on the deduction  of his/her personality. Drawing as a medium is explored to creatively express what they would imagine  as a room for the other person.

Students Work


The room is a complete reflection of the user’s choices, interests, personality and likings. The user loves being around and in nature but is also an introvert and enjoys watching sunset and sunrise in his day’s time. So, throughout the drawing there are various windows and balconies at different angles so that the user can be around nature while maintaining his privacy. The user also likes reading and enjoys painting. So the mezzanine acts as a reading space and also throughout the room ,there are various paintings, along with an aisle made from the dead tree for the user to paint. Also his great affinity for the sport badminton, allows for there to be a rack dedicated to various types of shuttlecocks. A small space beside the ladder is provided for the user to enjoy drinking their iced tea as a part of their daily ritual. A comforting space that speaks to the users personality is thus created.

Bhagyashree Dargar


The illustration tries to bring out a proactive and bubbly personality in the form of a room.  A varied range of interests create the theme of the room. The person leads a creative life participating in various art forms in her life ranging from dance to painting to music. The user is a classical dancer who loves watching marathi dramas, which are brought out with the various posters on the wall. There is a foldable bed creating space for practicing the dance. The glass window shows a view of the forest, representing a love for nature. Bright colours have been incorporated to bring forth an extroverted personality.


The room is designed according to the client's interest while talking about his personality. The room design portrays the interest of the client in watching movies, listening to music, reading novels, and so on. There is a home theatre because the client loves to watch movies along with picture frames of  BTS and KOREAN movies. The study table is designed to suit the client's love for reading novels. The design is an amalgamation of all of the before mentioned interests while offering a glimpse of the user’s personality.


The client shows keen interests in baking, gardening and bird watching. Various plants were placed in the room to cater to the clients love for gardening. The layout of the room was designed with an open plan such that it opens out to the greenery around the room portraying the clients love for nature. The room designed reflects the activities the user likes to partake in and their persona.


The The room is designed keeping in mind that  the user wants their house to be an extension of their personality. The room portrays their interest in cooking and her sheer enjoyment of various cuisines. The room besides the kitchen expresses the client's love for food. Shopping, reading novels, and travelling are their varied interests. The user enjoys working during the calmness of the night and thus perceives the night life differently helping to design accordingly. As a whole the room reflects how the user perceives her interests.

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