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UX+A User Experience in Architecture

College Projects

Studio Conductors

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao Saurabh Karandikar

User Experience Design is a discipline that finds its application mainly in HCI (Human-Computer Interactions) or HMI (Human-machine Interactions). Every system exerts an experience - good or bad - upon the user of that system. If the user finds the system easy to learn, easy to use repeatedly, if the user can complete his/her tasks effectively, efficiently with little or no training, the overall user experience is positive. This leads to users not only being efficient and productive, but they recommend the system to other potential users. What adds to the challenge is that not all users are equal. They have different expectations from the system. So, creating a satisfying user experience for all user types is not easy. The system needs to be designed around every user, around every user’s needs. To tackle this, the User Experience Designers employ a strategy called ‘User Centricity’ - Designing the system around the users and not available technology.

Understanding the methodology of a user experience and design that includes Design Strategy, Formative Research Methodologies, User Analysis, Finalising Personas, Task Analysis Scenarios of Use, Task Flows, Environmental Analysis, Formative Testing, Information Architecture, Card sorts, Intermediate User testing, Interactions, Summative Testing and Presentation, the project developed the understanding of creating living spaces and environments for users/dwellers that will benefit from the design strategies that User Experience employs. The students  benefited immensely by thinking of the user a little deeper, the way a UX designer thinks, and creates for them.

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