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Bungalow Interiors

Semester 7 | Allied Design

Ar. Harshada Shintre
Ar. Aniruddh Nafarey
Ar. Girish Nalawade
Ar. Sulakshana Bhanushali

Studio Conductors

The intent of the exercise was to explore and understand the two sectors in interior design- Residential and Hospitality. Designing a Staycation for a specified user. It also engages with home that interacts with its surrounding and the larger site context and different ideas of home according to various user groups and the specificity of their needs, aspirations and comfort.

The exercise helps to understand and generate a methodology for decoding the given brief and identifying the site in accordance to its potential and to spatially diagramatize the house such that it is apt for the user specified.

The exercise demanded the students to work in groups so that they understand the importance of everyone’s opinion, to respect the same and to carry forward the ideas for a holistic design, how to assimilate all the information gathered by every member of the group, and to communicate well. Thus the exercise upskilled the students to design a residential-cum-hospitality project and to design as a team.

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