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Institute and Museum Design

Semester 6 | Architectural Design

Ar. Ashley Fialho
Ar. Mahesh Khanolkar
Ar. Mahesh Nilakh
Ar. Rajan Kulkarni
Ar. Rupa Sheth
Ar. Shekoba Sanap
Ar. Yagnik Bhatija
Ar. Rohit Karekar

Studio Conductors

‘GANDHISM’ has been the most dominant philosophy and phenomenon during the pre-independence and the post-independence eras of our country. Simplicity, Non-violence, self-reliance, are some of the prominent direct attributes, in addition to indirect attributes, such as democratic, liberalism, reforming, enlightenment that make Gandhism perpetual and forward-looking. The challenge was to design a ‘skill development institute and museum’ pertaining to Gandhian principles and balance, both these direct and indirect attributes, as a subjective motivation.
The institute has to produce skilled, self-supporting professionals contributing to national progress with individual expertise. The institution will also aspire to stand as the symbol of display and advance Gandhian philosophy of social order, progress and life,for the world to see.

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