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Office Design

Semester 7 | Allied Design

Ar. Harshada Shintre
Ar. Aniruddh Nafarey
Ar. Girish Nalawade
Ar. Sulakshana Bhanushali

Studio Conductors

Retail and Commercial typology of interiors is a bit crucial to deal with as compared to the residential and hospitality. The exercise focuses on designing an Commercial office or a Retail shop. The exercise highlighted the difference while designing an office and while designing a shop.
The students understood that designing interiors for this typology is focused on;
Aesthetics- Colours, Finishes, Textures, Furniture and the overall Mood; as the space has to be convincing such that the motto, brand, strength of the organisation is experienced by the customer and it instigates them to buy the same.

Functionality- The designation of spaces is done in accordance to the potential on the site. Welcoming Shop Fronts, Thinking about optimizing display near the Windows.

Ease of movement- The design should be such that the user can move in the space seamlessly and experience the spaces that they are entitled to. Thus there should be clear division between the spaces for users and the staff.

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