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Redesign of Commercial High and Low Rise

Semester 9 | Environmental Sciences

Ar. Prerna Thacker
Ar. Shrikar Bhave
Ar. Sagar Valia

Studio Conductors

Designing in response to the local climate isn't an add-on, it has to be ingrained into the process of design right from the inception. The idea of this exercise is to thoughtfully respond to the context, the environment, and culture to ensure occupant comfort and resource efficiency through analytical methods and informed decision-making at every stage of the design process. Climate responsive design is not just about technical efficiency - it is a conscious approach to design that analyses and deliberates an array of variables that influence the building design .
A basic core and shell of the building was provided at the outset, to save time on design of basic layout. Throughout the progression of the course, students were expected to re-design the overall building form including the building envelope and demonstrate basic understanding of building systems related to energy supply, thermal comfort, water and waste management. By the end of the exercise we will be able to look at and compare design approaches and outcomes for both low-rise and high-rise buildings across different climate zones.

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